The gardens of Drujba Cannery are located on 250 decares of drip irrigation areas, located in Eastern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. In spring – in the months of April and May, we sow all vegetable plants in our gardens. Sowing is carried out by specialized machines that ensure the quality and productive sowing of vegetable plants.

The gardens of Drujba Cannery are divided into vegetable fields. Each field is proud of its history, reflected in an archival map, which carefully records all the necessary data on cultivated vegetables and soil indicators.

 Every spring we perform a complete and in-depth analysis of the received data – the quality and structural indicators of the soil. Based on the analyzed nutrients contained in the soil, we prepare a plan for growing each type of vegetable.

The vegetable fields are equipped with a pre-built irrigation system – pumping station and drip irrigation, which helps to maintain regular humidity of plants. The water is taken up by deepwater drilling, through the built pumping station, purified, and filtered before being fed to the plants. The care of the soil and the development of the plant are monitored and are under the constant control of a qualified agronomist.